Mission Statement

In response to God’s grace to us in Jesus, Holy Trinity Stalybridge exists to ‘Love God, grow community, and serve Stalybridge.’

Love God

In worship: We believe ‘the chief end of man is to worship God and enjoy him forever!’ We acknowledge that worship is more than singing, it is offering our lives as living sacrifices and therefore encompasses all our activity. However, we recognise the importance of spending time in God’s presence in praise and intimacy to celebrate all who God is, and allow the Holy Spirit to transform us into His likeness bringing true freedom into our lives. At HTS we aim to prioritise worship both privately and corporately as we gather in his name.

In prayer: We believe God moves in power when you pray! Jesus taught us how to pray and reminded us to come before our Father in prayer. We recognise prayer as the foundation for Christian living where we can be honest with God and also intercede for a broken world. At HTS we aim to centre our individual lives, our homes and our church to be places where priority is given to seeking God in prayer.

In Bible study: We believe the Bible is the Word of God! As followers and friends of Jesus we read it, meditate on it, and ask God to transform us through its truth. We teach the Bible in our Sunday gatherings as well as our small groups and seek to develop a hunger for the Word of God and to become confident in the scriptures. At HTS we aim to teach the Bible faithfully in all we do to equip the saints for ministry.

Grow Community

Through small groups: We believe that the church is the family of God and everyone is welcome! As a family we recognise the importance of meeting more often than Sunday to support each other. Through small groups and communities, we seek to meet mid week to love one another, serve one another, and live honest and vulnerable lives. We want to be a family of God committed to discipleship, fellowship and mission in the power of the Holy Spirit by encouraging each other when we meet. At HTS we aim to encourage every member to be part of a small group or community.

Through every member ministry: We believe that the church is a body where every member has a part to play! We recognise that the church is diverse but that each of us is called to minister to one another through acts of service and also through spiritual gifts which God pours out on His Church. Whenever we meet, we are expectant that the Kingdom of God will be revealed as people are healed and helped as we pray one for another. At HTS we aim to encourage every member to be involved in ministry both within and outside the church.

Through Christ likeness: We believe that each member of the church is called to die to self to grow more like Jesus! Through teaching, training, obedience, and exercising faith and service, all of us become more like Jesus which bears fruit in holiness, witness, joy, and freedom! At HTS we strive to become more Christ like in all we do.

Serve Stalybridge

By being one in Christ: We believe our unity will witness to Jesus as Lord and Saviour! We therefore seek to honour one another above ourselves and strive to keep the unity of peace within the church family. We further recognise no single church is commissioned to work alone in the Kingdom of God. Subsequently, we work for unity with the other churches of Stalybridge and Tameside, sharing partnership in the Gospel and letting Christ’s light shine through us. At HTS we wish to remain united in Christ for the sake of the Gospel.

By helping others: We believe Jesus has a bias towards the less fortunate in society, therefore so should we! He repeatedly tells us to seek justice and to serve the poor. Due to our wonderful location in the centre of Stalybridge, we seek to have open doors and open hearts to those in need who are near to us. We look for projects which will be an influence for good, bring healing and wholeness, and will make a difference in our town. At HTS we want to have compassion and open hands to all who are in need.

By preaching the Gospel: We believe that God sends the church into the world to preach the Gospel! We seek to be sent out in the power of the Holy Spirit to be salt and light to our frontlines. We are aware of the opportunity and responsibility to be Christ’s representatives, scattered throughout the week in communities, schools, workplaces and neighbourhoods. We commit to working tirelessly to win our friends and neighbours to Christ by proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. At HTS we strive to equip and send labourers into the harvest field of Stalybridge and surrounding communities.